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Job Coach

Make a difference!

Do you have the passion and patience to work with People with Disabilities?  Job Coaches are the backbone of our organization and the people who make a difference in our client's lives.

Job Coach: Projects

Job Coach/Job Developer

Medical Benefits
Optional Dental, Vision, AFLAC


Exemption Status:  non-exempt

Responsible to:  Executive Director / Program Manager/CES Program  Manager

  Directly/Indirectly Supervises:  None

General Statement of Duties:

Activities of the job coach/developer include interviewing mentally and/or physically disabled      clients, teaching classes on job seeking and retention skills, as well as working one-on-one with clients in honing these skills.  He/she will develop community employment situations for disabled clients and assist them in accomplishing successful transition into community employment through direct training.  Program services are geared to provide clients personal enrichments, community and personal living skills, and good work habits based on mutually developed goals.  The overall program goal is to eventually move clients into gainful employment by improving their interpersonal skills, job seeking and retention skills, and by increasing individual responsibility and independence. Work is performed under the general direction of the Program Manager and is reviewed through oral conferences, written reports, and evaluation of success in helping clients attain goals.

Essential Duties

  • engages in development of community employment situations for clients

  • transport clients to interviews/job related needs

  • meet with client at facility or off-site

  • performs the client’s actual job duties as necessary while providing direct training the client on the job

  • teaches job responsibilities, job retention skills, and appropriate social skills for relationships with co-workers and supervisors

  • transfers job activities to the client in a systematic manner and at a pace appropriate to the client in order for the client to reach independent job functioning and allow trainer to direct concentration toward other clients needing intensive job coach services

  • provides intermittent, short-term retraining as needed functions as a liaison between employers and consumers and maintains ongoing communication with Vocational Rehabilitation, Skills, Inc., other agencies, and as appropriate, clients’ families

  • works as a team member to define and meet the client’s needs and goals

  • makes or arranges job and work site modifications where necessary maintains required records on a current basis

  • acts as a professional advocate for persons with disabilities

  • assures compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations

  • maintains compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, and standards

  • applying CARF Standards to related area of work

  • write goal plans/staffings/contact notes

  • write supplemental evaluations as applicable

Nonessential Duties:

  • attend staff meetings as required

  • perform related work as required

Knowledge/Skills Requirements:

  • general knowledge of the psychological, social, special education concepts related to the determination of vocational abilities and potential of the disabled   general knowledge of the vocational requirements of a variety of occupational ability to understand the interpretation of a variety of standardized aptitude, intelligence, and achievement tests, and to select work samples or job try-outs as appropriate to specific cases

  • ability to synthesize data and observation reports and make recommendations essential to the rehabilitation process

  • ability to express findings and recommendations in staff conferences

  • general knowledge of community employment resources and opportunities

  • ability to assess consumer needs, develop individualized goals and plans to meet needs, and maintain reports documenting process and recommendations

  • ability to work independently and effectively with minimal supervision

  • CPR/First Aid certified/NVCI training

  • knowledge of behavior and characteristics of disabled persons

  • knowledge of all policies

  • ability to implement policies

  • ability to plan and organize

  • knowledge and understanding of CRP’s stated mission

  • CARF standards

  • efficient in Word & Excel

Required Physical Activities:

  • ability to balance, crouch, bend, stoop, crawl, walk, kneel, twist, stand & sit hear, near/far vision; tolerant of environmental conditions (wetness, dust, noise, hot/cold, etc.)

  • ability to perform work duties 8 hrs. a day; five days a week

 Driving Requirements:

  • ability to drive

  • current, valid driver’s license

  • dependable transportation

  • clear driver’s record for at least 3 yrs. from date of any conviction

  • adequate auto insurance

Other Requirements:

  • ability to understand written & oral communication

  • ability to communicate and instruct effectively

  • ability to establish rapport and communicate effectively with people

Experience and Training:

Degree from a two-year community college associate program designed to prepare     personnel for human resource services agencies and two years of experience in providing direct services to special populations where extensive coordination and linkage with    community resources are required, or in a similar field involving exposure to a variety of types of work.

Job Coach: Projects
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