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Introducing our pine lath, the perfect choice for land surveyors looking for a durable and reliable stake option. Made from thin, high-quality pine wood, these laths are designed to be lightweight, allowing you to carry more in your stake bag without weighing you down. Each bundle contains either 25 or 50 laths, giving you plenty of options to suit your specific surveying needs. With their sharp points, these laths are easy to drive into the ground and provide a secure and stable marker for your surveying projects. Upgrade your surveying equipment with our pine lath and experience the convenience and reliability they provide.


.5"x1.5" actual dimensions

25 or 50 per bundle (48" only 25 per bundle)

18" and 24" come 3000 to a pallet

all other sizes are 1500 to a pallet

Wholesale Pine Lath

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