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Material Handler (Part Time)

$7.25 per hour (to start)


Material Handler/Machine Operator

Salary:  Per wage rate

 Exemption Status:  non-exempt

Responsible to:  Trades Instructor / Executive Director

Directly/Indirectly Supervises:  None

General Statement of Duties:

Responsible for the handling and stacking of lumber.  Will be required to operate wood saws, nail gun, and other equipment as needed.

Essential Duties

  • Place boards on saw table; take cut pieces off table and stack neatly on a pallet

  • Place end boards on saw table; adjust boards to meet the saw stop

  • Cut boards to length using stops for measurements

  • Re-saw boards to width/thickness

  • Place boards into a jig for a crate; nail boards together using nail gun

  • Remove waste to dumpster

  • Keep work area clean

  • Work Safely in a warehouse environment.

Nonessential Duties:

perform related work as required

Knowledge/Skills Requirements:

  • Understand and follow basic verbal and written instructions

  • Effectively communicate

  • Possess basic mathematical skills: must be able to count to 50

  • Perform basic visual quality inspections on products

  • Maintain and set the production pace of other workers

  • Work effectively with Supervisor and coworkers

Required Physical Activities:

  • May be required to stand for long periods of time

  • May involve some repetitive motions

  • Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds

  • May also engage in frequent bending, stooping, squatting, lifting, pushing and pulling of lumber

  • Due to the open environment of the warehouse, must be able to work in various weather and temperature conditions to include heat, humidity and cold

Driving Requirements:

-must have current, valid driver’s license and/or dependable transportation

Other Requirements:

  • ability to understand written or oral communication

  • ability to communicate effectively

  • ability to establish rapport and communicate effectively with people

Experience and Training:

High school diploma or equivalent preferred but not required. No prior experience necessary.

Material Handler: Projects
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