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"Jeffrey is a great employee. I’m so glad Skills Inc and  the Food Bank of the Albemarle are able to work together." -Jenny Thompson,  Supervisor

"The people at Skills are friendly and helpful. They will definitely help you get the Skills you need to find employment." -Jeffrey


Jeffrey was a part of the Skills, Inc.  CBWA  training program located at the Food Bank of the Albemarle.  Jeffrey began his training in the warehouse to gain work experience and realized he would much rather work in an office setting.

A job coach was able to get Jeffrey set up with a training experience assisting with filing monthly paperwork and cold-calling individuals who had not picked up their food boxes. Although he was nervous about his new role, with the Job Coach's support, Jeffrey was able to overcome his anxiety and become comfortable in his new position.   

Jeffery was able to do such a great job during training, that he was offered a part time position.  After a year of part-time employment, Jeffrey was offered a full-time position with the administration team and even has his own office and benefits!     

"Johnathan is a great asset to the cleaning team at HMF. He is always willing to help in any area that I may need. Anytime you ask him to do something to help another co-worker, he always responds with a thumbs up and a smile."- Jerry, Supervisor

"I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I thank my job coach for giving me the chance and helping me with my interview skills and learning this job."- Johnathan


Johnathan was a part of the Community Employment Services  program at Skills Inc.  With the help of his Job Coach he learned valuable interviewing skills and was able to land a job as a commercial cleaner on a federal contract at the USCC Base in Elizabeth City.   

Jonathan has been employed since October 2022 and works 40 hours a week with great pay, health insurance, paid time off, and life insurance benefits. 

Success Stories: Quote
Days inn KDH_edited.jpg

"Skills Inc. is an amazing program! The candidates are coached with professionalism and great leadership. Our hospitality industry has been hit so hard during these difficult times, and Skills Inc. is definitely recommended as a great resource for finding good workers."

Tanya S. Curtis General Manager Days Inn Kill Devil Hills, NC

"Skills’ Inc has helped me re-enter the workforce in my community with confidence, and feel comfortable in my new job" 


"Thankful for the program at Skills Inc. James is a great worker. He’s dependable and takes pride in his work here at Moneysworth Linen Services. This program has helped us gain a great employee." - Kahsaan, Supervisor

"My job coach was really helpful and I thank Skills Inc for getting me this job."- James


James was a part of the EDS program at Skill's Inc. James was very nervous about  getting a job.  With the help and support  of the job placement team, James learned to become comfortable with working while gaining on-the-job training from a job coach.

After working with a job coach on interview and employability skills, James gained his first job at Moneysworth Linen Services. He has opened up and become a "social butterfly" and has gained the confidence to talk with supervisors and coworkers on a daily basis.

James was recently offered a promotion at Moneysworth and James stated that he thanks Skills Inc for providing him with training and helping him find a job. 

Skills, Inc. in the News

From WTKR News Channel 3

By: Anthony Sabella

Posted at 12:42 PM, Oct 23, 2022 and last updated 9:48 PM, Oct 23, 2022

PASQUOTANK COUNTY, N.C. - For a lot of businesses, finding people to work has been in a huge challenge the last couple years.  For people with disabilities, finding people to hire them has always been the struggle.

Skills, Inc. outside Elizabeth City has been breaking those barriers for more than 40 years, with its program to give those with disabilities hands-on training and the job skills needed to find employment.  “We have helped hundreds and hundreds of people find gainful employment," said Kirk Devine, Executive Director. "They can work and train in their home community.”

Skills, Inc. is a long-time collaborator with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services' Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, which helps people with disabilities gain employment and independence.

The office in Elizabeth City covers seven counties: Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Pasquotank and Perquimans.  “It’s very typical that we need transportation, people need help getting laptops or even just uniforms when they even start a job," said Denesha Banks of the office's mostly-rural coverage area.

Another challenge is finding people willing to hire those with disabilities, whether physical or mental, the office's Business Relations Representative, Tameka Gibbs, tells News 3.

October being National Disability Employment Awareness Month, she says "Job Fest" on October 21 at Museum of the Albemarle helped connect more than 100 people with schooling opportunities and potential employers. But work at Vocational Rehabilitation Services happens year-round, helping people with disabilities you can see...and those you can't.  “A lot of people may not even realize that they have a disability that qualifies," said Gibbs. "You could have anything from anxiety to schizophrenia."

For more information about help finding a job or if you're an employer willing to hire people with disabilities, call North Carolina's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services at (252) 621-6160.

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Success Stories: Text

All success stories are published with the knowledge, permission, and consent of our clients, stakeholders, and employers.

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